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The Sunday School Program of University Presbyterian Church exists to edify the people of God by feeding them upon the word of God and encouraging them in their life of discipleship. 


Ministry to Adults



The book of Ephesians has been called "one of the most significant documents ever written."  In three sweeping chapters of indicatives (facts about God's work) and three powerful chapters of imperatives (how we should respond), Paul gives us a tapestry of the uniting of all things in Christ--believers and God, Jews and Gentiles, wives and husbands, children and parents, employees and employers.  Come and enjoy some really long sentences as we are built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.
Instructor:  Ed Scribner
Meets in Room #3  

"Biblical Theology" also known as the "History of Special Revelation" is an area of theology and method for understanding Scripture that has been gaining popularity with scholars of the Scriptures. This class is designed as both an introduction to Biblical Theology and a practicum of how it is done. The class will look at what Biblical Theology is and how it differs from other areas of theology; how and why it has developed and the processes involved in doing it. The first 2-3 weeks will provide an overview including a brief look at the relationship of both the structure and story of the Bible. The last 3-4 weeks will be applying or doing the process of Biblical Theology covering the flow and historical development of class selected Biblical themes. 

Instructor: David Moon
Meets in Room #4

Please contact us if you would like information about any of these classes or would like to learn more about Sunday School in general.