University Presbyterian Church is a member 
of the Presbyterian Church in America.

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1. Transcendence: Our relationship to God Almighty
Our Calling

Our calling is that God who gives endurance and encouragement will give us a spirit of unity and love, as we follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth we may glorify and enjoy the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Romans 15.5-6

Above all, we desire to bring glory to God and to be obedient to our Lord Jesus Christ as we fulfill our part in Christ's Kingdom. We long to be one with our Father, our Redeemer and with each other bound by love, giving and receiving in fellowship as Christ has loved us and given his live for us.  (top)

Our Authority and Head

Jesus Christ is our Lord and King. His written word is our final authority. All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Christ whom God appointed to be head over everything for the church, which is his body.
Isaiah 9.6-7, Psalm 2.6, Matthew 21.5, 28.18, Isaiah 52.13-15, Acts 7.55-56, Ephesians 1.22-23.

We do not carry out our mandate on our own authority or in our own power. This comes only from Jesus Christ himself. We function as his body under his headship in the power of his Spirit and in obedience to him. It is our great desire to see him lifted up and exalted as Lord and King. (top)

Our Identity

We are the family of God, his dearly loved children. We are the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, his body and his bride.

Ephesians 3.15, 5.1, Matthew 13.47, Ephesians 1.22-23, 5.23, 27, 32

God has given us our identity. We are his dearly loved children, chosen members of his family and co-heirs with his Son Jesus Christ. We are fully united to Christ as his body. We are the bride of Christ who loves us so much that he gave himself up for us to make us holy, cleansing us to present us to himself as a radiant church. We are the kingdom of Christ who has been entrusted to take the gospel to all nations expanding his kingdom. This identity transforms us into people who have a purpose, a future, a hope and profound security in his love.  (top)