University Presbyterian Church is a member 
of the Presbyterian Church in America.

2010 E. Wisconsin Ave.
Las Cruces, NM88001
Phone: 575.522.0828 
Fax: 575.522.0175

Rev. Patrick Tebbano - Lead Pastor

Patrick Tebbano served as our assistant pastor since June of 2007,and is currently our lead pastor.  He and his wife, Nicole, moved to Las Cruces from Cleveland, Ohio and were happy to trade in the gray skies, hard winters, and humid summers of Ohio for life in the desert.  Patrick is a graduate of Grove City College in western PA and Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO.  Since moving to Las Cruces, Patrick has tried to find as much time as possible to explore New Mexico.  He enjoys hiking, backpacking, tennis, soccer, and good Mexican food.  Patrick considers it a blessing to be able to proclaim the free grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and desires to serve the church by building up the people of God and equipping the saints for the work of ministry. 

Rev. Stephen Yates - Pastor of Youth and Family Ministry

Rev. David H. Linden - Assistant Pastor

Crosstown Ministries - Rev. John C. Pickett
Reformed University Fellowship - Rev. Ben Coppedge



Vicki Hunter - Bookkeeper  

Jo Barrett -  Administrative Assistant to the Pastor

Jo used to “play secretary” when a child and even got to help with “church stuff” for her Pastor Father who needed help with bulletins, letters, and other church secretarial jobs. Those were the days of mimeograph machines, walking around the table to pick up pages (she was a walking collator), hand-writing addresses on envelopes, and having to know how to spell. Then came computers…and the request in 2000 to help out in the UPC office. Even though Jo was a secretary for a previous pastor in the 70’s (still no computers), her biggest contribution at UPC is being a pastor’s daughter, knowing the congregation; of which she’s been a part since 1959, and being willing to admit to computer illiteracy. She does, at least, have a heart for helping people. After traveling the world for about 20 years with her beloved Army husband, she’s happy to be back in sunny Las Cruces.

Deborah Misquez - Congregational Secretary  

Geof Smith Randy McMillan
Robin Rose Richard Heerema
John Anderson Ken Sanders
Mike Herbert Eric Tessier
David Moon Alan Taylor
Ed Hughs Simon Rawson
Kim Watne